Saturday, January 28, 2017

Never Again

When this site was active, when we were still on the air, we warned about the dangers of Islamic extremism. We also made a point that we do not hate Muslims, even if we disagree with them.

This week the President of the United States signed an executive order implementing his promised Muslim ban.

This is not merely unconstitutional, it is an act of evil.

Hatred will not stay focused. It always spreads. This is obvious to Jews, since all hatred eventually seems to expand to include us. This is why we were always careful to draw distinctions between objecting to the actions and words of a few, and sweeping hatred of the whole.

However, it has come to my attention that many of the things we have said, or that I have posted over the years can be extended to an absurd extreme. The comments I have made might be twisted to approve of this  act.

That is unacceptable to me.

So I have returned to this nearly abandoned site to state clearly the following, which were always tenets of our program and of this blog.

Hate speech is not free.

Peace cannot be bought through terror.

Justice must be pursued with justice.

This means we must stand up and resist hatred from our own government as we would resist hatred aimed against our nation, our people, our own faith:
He has shown you how to be a mensch, what is good, and what Hashem requires of you:
Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your G~d.